Blog Love

I take on the baton of Blog Love from Mithila.
My Dearest Blog
You turned one, last month. You are one year old now. Now isn’t that wonderful? We are both growing together, slow but we are, right? Shall we celebrate? Oh yes! So this post is all but for you! 

Love, only and only for you dear blog! With one and only, our never ending motivation, Blogchatter

Also, dearest Blog, you have no idea, how beautiful this feeling is to know that you and me, we survived for an year, and you my luv, is still online and breathing and growing. I have bigger blogging plans for this year. I promise you that 2017, will be much more activity laid, than what 2016 was for you. So, my luv, hang in there! While I sort a few more things in the real world out. 

Super proud to see you come this far! 


I now pass on the baton of Blog Love to Shweta

Season 3

Warning: A sentimental post. As usual not thinking and writing whatever is coming to mind because its about family. And when its about family we do not think!
Ten months ago, I was just a failed blogger. For three consecutive years I had been creating  new blogs every New Years’s day, and then abandoning them. Yeah! just like that. Easy no? After all making a new blog and then abandoning it is all but free! I made these new blogs thinking ‘New Year is New Me’ but did I ever succeed? You guessed it right, never! I may be wrote one or two or may be three post and then ended up dreading over the fact that my blogging life never picked up! One question, I just had one question, that why in the world could my blogging life not pick up pace? Why couldn’t I be loved and read? It was me who was abandoning the blogs but in return I myself felt abandoned.
I am still not well acclimatised with the world of professional blogging, that is a very very long way to go. All I know is that my blog is my diary. All I know is that a blog is a diary. My smartphone took my diary away. My smartphone took my pen away. My smartphone took my desk away. My complains for the smartphone can never end. Yes, you guessed it right again, I am a diary person. I see too much, I hear too much, I feel too much and I write too much though I may not say too much! The need to write, record, revisit and re-read, it was this that forced me year after year to go back and start new blogs again and again and I even did. I did try, but trying was not enough because I was alone. I was short of company, and not every alone-time is a good time, because sometimes, we do need company . We need acknowledgement, we need appreciation, we need discussion, we need communication! And, I learnt what all was I falling short off for my blogging life only when I met the Blogchatter Family!
I may be the most disappointing kid this family has have seen, but I love them. I love them to the core! They are reason that fifteen of my poems are out there, somewhere on this crazy thing we call Internet and anyone and everyone can read them. Now, my poems being on the Internet is a big thing because just ten months ago, mind it, just ten months ago, I was a person who could dare not share her poems with anyone. Forget sharing, people around me never knew that I penned down poems in my free time. I was shy, I was awkward and I never opened up. I am not saying I am introvert, no that’s not me! I am a people’s person! I am lovely to talk to, I am the heart of parties, I am happiness when I am around but I am very personal. I just don’t share! Hence, when this family started sharing and caring and showering all the love, I slowly found myself getting out of the closet. I even have nineteen followers on my blog today which is too big of a number for me! Not kidding, because why would anyone want to read rants and stupid poems those come out of nowhere? But this family is crazy! They not just come and read my stuff, but also share and comment and like! Woah! Too much to ask for. And during the Alexa campaign, I was nothing but blown away!
Jai, my blogbuddy from Blogbuddy 2.0 is one person whose been a tremendous motivation. Reading what she writes up on her blog, forces me to come back and write something down here! Then there is ModernGypsy! She is definitely elder to me, but Man! I have seen this blogger grow! She is one hundred percent of pure motivation. Her art is taking her places, Blogchatter is taking her to places! So is Blogchatter to Cafenined Words! What Blogchatter has given to me, is irreplaceable. It’s incomparable.
This post too just like all others is a last minute thing, and I know it’s not fair on my part to be so irregular, when at the same time there is a team of diligently hard working people burning their midnight oil planning campaigns and  crusades for us! Hence before I end this post, I want to apologise to the Blogchatter family and particularly Richa for having repeatedly disappointed you, but believe it or not, if there is one good thing that happened to me in 2016, it was meeting Blogchatter via Blogbuddy 2.0.

You guys are LOVE.

And moving on from  being a #Writesmasher in the last season, to being a #BlogTrotter this season, I am hereby announcing my membership to Blogbuddy 3.0.

Oh man! I feel seasoned now! Blogbuddy 2.0, was a new beginning! Blogbuddy 3.0! Will be the way forward! Stick with me guys! And Richa, no I ain’t going anywhere! You’ll have to deal with me for a way longer time!

वो नहीं आए…

पूनम की रात थी,
हम यूँ ही 

उनके इंतज़ार में सड़क पर चल रहे थे।

हमें अकेला देख 

चाँद हमारे साथ साथ चलने लगा। 

ख़ैर, रात ढलने लगी,

सवेरा होने लगा,

पर उनका 

दूर दूर तक कोई नमोनिशान न था।

हमें धीमे-धीमे चलते देख,

चाँद भी आगे बढ़ गया।

कुछ देर इतरा

तेज़ी से चलता रहा,

फिर, ये देख कि 

हम आगे बढ़े नहीं,

चाँद फिर वापिस हमारे साथ-साथ

चलने लगा। 

पर वो, 

नहीं, वो नहीं आए। 


<Just wore it, sitting in a bus watching the moon ride with me, sometimes ahead, sometimes along

It was sharad poornima on 15 October, and the moon, oh! It is beyond beautifu>

Be matlab ki baatein! 

Hi everyone, because I am expecting a lot of traffic at this address today, I am going to make full use of this opportunity and make you guys read through fifteen poems, which I wrote and presented as an ebook with the help of our very own BLOGCHATTER. 

Poems are in Hindi. You may not even like any of the fifteen! No problem, but aik baar read through karna guys! 

And please feel free to write below about it. Eagerly looking forward to it. 😀 

As my blog is on the reading list today, I am so taking my blog to the next level with #MyFriendAlexa campaign. Blogchatter, love you to moon and back guys! *excited nai edda* 

Help me with a title for this…

तू इश्क़ मेरा 
तुझे इश्क़ नहीं तो क्या हुआ।

तू वक़्त मेरा

तुझे वक़्त नहीं तो क्या हुआ
तू खुदा मेरा

तू ख़ुद नहीं तो क्या हुआ

तू रहनुमा मेरा

तुझमें रहम नहीं तो क्या हुआ

तू दर्द मेरा

तुझे एहसास नहीं तो क्या हुआ

तू मक़बूल मेरा

पर तू काफ़िर ठहरा, तो भी क्या हुआ। 

Alright! Hi I don’t have a title for this! Hit me up if you have something in mind. 
Taking my blog to next level with #MyFriendAlexa campaign. 
Have a terrific Thursday peeps! 😀

Why does he not understand?

मैंने क्या कुछ नहीं किया 

उसे भुला देने की लिए।

और ऐक वो है कि,

हक़्क़ीक़त समझना ही नहीं चाहता।

बार बार रास्ते में रोक पुकार लगा देता है,

कौन समझाये उसे, कि 

ये रास्ता अब और काटा नहीं जाता। 

कौन समझाये उसे, कि 

ये रास्ता अब और काटा नहीं जाता। 

In the midst of Bangalore posts, I am posting this. Just wrote it, hence thought of sharing it. 

Btw, that picture up there is painting I did for a friend as a marriage gift. Nothing fancy but I do enjoy painting silhouettes. Damn easy they are! 😁

Taking my determination to blog up higher by a notch by bring my Alexa rank to the next level via #MyFriendAlexa Campaign with Blogchatter. Hopefully we’ll soon be back to being in Bangalore!

Till then don’t forget to drink a lot of water people. 😀 

So this happened

Seven years, for seven years, I lived in Delhi; yes that notorious city which we all know is extremely popular for its nuisance behaviour towards women. But not once in those seven years, had I faced or come across an incident where anything unnerving happened with me. I have never even added anything ever to the debate about New Delhi being safe of unsafe. If you are already asking yourself WHY? Then to be honest I don’t know. 

I have lived in that city with full freedom. I have personally traveled with no fear, no matter what time of the day it was. And please, don’t think that I was in the company of fellow men or women. Eight on ten times, you would find me alone, whether it came to boarding the first metro at five in the morning or the last metro at 12 in the night. I have done it all. And hey, please don’t think that I am writing it all here to boast about it. Absolutely not! Because let’s face it, I am neither the first women to do it, nor the last. 

So, after having walked on the Delhi roads at whatever time possible for seven years, and not having come across any nuisance ever, yesterday this happened! 

It was around eight in the evening and I was walking in the neighbourhood to buy myself some food, when I heard ‘whistles’. So apparently two young boys, yes boys (I wouldn’t even add guys to their description because they were really young) started whistling. It was amusing. It really was. Now, I am not saying they whistled at me, may be they were listening to some song and unintentionally started playing along, who knows! But they whistled. 

Now, I am not someone who can be scared away. Hence out of habit, not being able to help myself, I turned around and asked them ‘wassup?’. I did. At least my body language did. You know, raised shoulders and arms  raised a little bit and those kids, poor fellows just turned around and went by. Had language not been a barrier, I may even have had a small chat with them but I don’t know the local language. 

Anyway, wasn’t trying to raise an issue or anything like that. It’s just, I feel it’s unfair to call Delhi extremely unsafe. So this is my first month in Banglore and I am having a gala time here. With the Cauvery water dispute in line, I’ve had a lot of free time up my sleeve. How was your week? Did the weekend go well?  Write below! 😀 

So carrying forward my Bangalore experience, I am desperately trying to bring my determination to blog up higher by a notch. I am taking my Alexa rank to the next level via #MyFriendAlexa Campaign with Blogchatter. More about the changing me in the upcoming posts. 
Don’t forget to drink a lot of water people. 😀