Sometimes you feel incomplete

I do feel incomplete.

Many times! 

At many places, 

and many hours.

I feel incomplete 

with strangers, with friends

When alone shopping for

fashion trends,

To be honest, I even feel incomplete

when I have no control over my,

compliance with trends!

When fashion dominates,

and conscience pretends.

I feel incomplete,

when the movies end.

When the hero sings,

and the girl intends.

I feel incomplete

when I hear that song,

Randy Rogers singing

‘Lonely too long’

I feel incomplete when,

When I cook alone.

when I am hungry, 

but the mood’s forlorn.

I felt incomplete,

while I read that book. 

Missed my station!

Had no one to blame,

but the book.

I felt incomplete when,

I had cut my mane

Deep within it felt like

I had changed my name.

I wanted to cry and shout 

for a while,

But didn’t 

Because Delhi had taught me 

how to fake a smile.

I have no clue 

why I’m writing it down

may be because

I’m happy with the ‘You’re incomplete’ crown.