Reminiscing it right!


We all watch movies right?

Some of us like catching them fresh, first day first show; while, some only prefer watching seasoned movies on the telly. Some of us like talking about the movies whereas some of us, (no matter how annoying we may appear) also shamelessly talk in the middle of movies. Then there are people who like collecting movies (Respect). Few of us have their own Harvey Specter and Mike Ross in them, who just don’t forget any movie. These guys simply enjoy throwing movie quotes at us, right?  But no matter what category of movie watchers ‘we’ may fall into; we, in all proportions, big or small love movies.

But why exactly do we love movies?

Well, because every movie is a story, but ever wondered if you have a personal story for ‘the’ story? Pause, and think for a moment, what crazy, memorable incident happened with a movie or within a movie? Was it the annoying guy at the PVR seated next to you? Or was that one friend who just, no matter how hard you try, garners attention from the entire hall for his or her loud laugh?  Well, happens with me all the time! No kidding, I swear!

It could also be a prank you may have copied from a movie and played it along? Or replicated a movie scene for your own self, well not hinting at the clichéd romantic moments, but it does happen among friends too!

Did anything hit your mind? Yeah? Great! So, you do agree with me that movie scenes stick? They do man! They do! Wait, nothing did hit your mind? Try thinking hard? Try try!

So, in this Half Marathon blogging challenge with Blog Chatter, I am going to blog about movie scenes those have somehow, anyhow been stuck in my mind. Short anecdotes about what made a particular movie scene stick. Could have been Mom’s call from the kitchen at the very important movie scene, could have been the missed first five minutes of a movie due to traffic, could have been the location, like look I was here (happened with me when I went watching ‘Queen’) or a very distant childhood memory that made that very particular movie scene get glued to the long term memory of my brain.

My most advertent try will be to not bore you! And, if by Mother Mary’s grace our movie scenes match! Then voila! Just write it down here! And we shall gladly rejoice over the memories we hit! What say?

So see you tomorrow with ‘the first’ movie scene story up here!


Till then do whatever you want to do Man but don’t waste water!!!

(Saying it in Salman Khan Style)

Good Night!




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