New in the city!


To those of you, who don’t know me (yet), I am G. 

And, I have just moved to Bangalore. Today I am ten days old here in Bangalore! And, these part ten days have been no less than that crucial ‘the most important’ lecture from the chapters bound to come in the exam. No, not kidding. 

I was cussed, spewed bad luck at, got lost on the streets, met an old long lost cousin, got lost in the awe of rain, felt lonely, cried, felt independent, therefore smiled, got mugged, lost 5k as token money deposited and what not! 

Let’s just say I am surviving Bangalore, because I want to really quick start living here, the way I did in Delhi. 

Man! I do miss the familiarity of Delhi roads. But to be honest, I haven’t given myself even one chance to sit and regret the decision of moving because I had to. I just had to move out of that city. It was taking me nowhere. I mean, I had been there for past eight years. I grew up there. I love that city with all my heart and zeal but I did want to move out.

So here, I am almost 1400 miles, down south of the country, in a place where language is the biggest barrier I am facing. 

So with an unmistakably failed attempt at blogging, I am taking my Alexa rank to the next level via #MyFriendAlexa Campaign with Blogchatter. You’ll be reading more of my Bangalore experience in the upcoming posts. See you! 



  1. Hey G..welcome to Bangalore..I came here few years ago and I am from Delhi too. I love it here and I am sure you will slowly get used to the city. The best part is the weather and the worst part is the traffic. I hope you get used to it soon 🙂

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    1. I am guessing you mean, Do I know Kannada?

      And man, if that is the question, then no, not a word! But I a plan to learn it. Just waiting for a few more things to settle down. Then! Are you here in Bangalore? I would love to catch up! 🙂

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