Blog Love

I take on the baton of Blog Love from Mithila.
My Dearest Blog
You turned one, last month. You are one year old now. Now isn’t that wonderful? We are both growing together, slow but we are, right? Shall we celebrate? Oh yes! So this post is all but for you! 

Love, only and only for you dear blog! With one and only, our never ending motivation, Blogchatter

Also, dearest Blog, you have no idea, how beautiful this feeling is to know that you and me, we survived for an year, and you my luv, is still online and breathing and growing. I have bigger blogging plans for this year. I promise you that 2017, will be much more activity laid, than what 2016 was for you. So, my luv, hang in there! While I sort a few more things in the real world out. 

Super proud to see you come this far! 


I now pass on the baton of Blog Love to Shweta