तुम्हारा खत पढ़ा

प्रिय रोहित,

तुम्हारा खत पढ़ा| पढ़ कर काफ़ी दुख हुआ| बुरा लगा तुम्हे यूँ दुनिया से जाना पढ़ा| पर ज्यूँकी तुमने अपने खत मे लिखा है कि मेरे जाने का ग़म मत करना, तो कोशिश करेगे कि इस वाखयात को ऐक दुख भरे नज़रिए से ना देखें, पर क्या ऐसा कर पाना आसान होगा, नही होगा और सही मानो तो होना भी नहीं चाहिए|
ऐसा नहीं है कि मैं पहली बार दुखी हुई हूँ, पहले भी होती हूँ, आगे भी होती रहूंगी, पर कभी कभी दिल बहुत दुख़्ता है ये देख कि देश में आख़िर हो क्या रहा है?
पिताजी ने पिछले ऐक साल से ज़ोर दे रखा है देश से बाहर निकल जाने के लिए| कहते हैं, अछा रहेगा हम सबके लिए| अब तो मन मानो उनकी बात मानने को करता है| पर देश छोड़ देना कोई हल तो नही? तुमने दुनिया छोड़ी तो देश ने तुम्हारी सुनी, पता नहीं देश छोड़ के जाने वाले अपनी मन की बात भी सुन पाते हैं या नही?

कुछ खास है नहीं मेरे पास तुम्हे कहने के लिए, या आश्वासन देने के लिए, बस तुम्हारा खत पढ़ा तो दिल को आज फिर ऐक बार काफ़ी बुरा लगा|

जंतर मंतर जायूंगी मैं 24 को| तुम जहाँ भी हो लिखते रहना|




Not my first blog

[Because this is my first post on this blog I’m keeping it short. Also because today is really not a good day to start a ‘new’ blog yet I am doing it…]

So, beginning yet again a new chapter…

Nothing beats reading an old diary entry and if the entry is more than an year old, then god help me! I may giggle, laugh, press my lips out of discomfort or even cry. Depends what date I am on and what in the world exactly fell upon me that very day!

Cutting the crap! I am a diary hoarder. Not just a hoarder alone, I write diary entries too. At least I did till a while ago before the augment of this stupid so called self proclaiming ‘smart phone’ who shoved my pen, pencil and diary away from my bag-pack. Even from the one-single-broken desk I had in my pg. Ah! you feel the pain too? Oh! we could meet over coffee and not move till the cafe guys ask us to. Anyway, moving on!

So, I saw the world moving over to blogs. I thought, may be I should do it too. So, I did. Created three blogs. One after the other. Failed miserably at it. The last one was on January 1 2015. Yeah, you got me! Yes Yes! you are smart. This ‘new year-new life’ hooks you bad. I am no exception. This new blog is coming from the same  [I want to say ‘shit’ but hey! lets not call it so]. It isn’t that bad. This notion gives a chance to re-work on what we left behind some 280-300 days ago. No! Wait, please do not assume that I am good with numbers. I am not. I never was. I promise to write an entry dedicated to ‘me&numbers’ but lets give it a rest here.

So, yes the world was moving to blogs, and in fact today they are where I am not even thinking to reach but yes, having got sick of loosing my thoughts after scribbling them here and there, I am making an altogether new effort with a new blog. Should have done it on January 1, but was being harsh to my self for not living up to my last blog, but then finally gave in and starting this new one.

So, ending the very first post on a positive note with the following lines I read on twitter yesterday!

“इतिहास गवाह है कि जब भी कोई नया साल आया हैं, साल भर से ज्यादा नहीं टीक पाया है ।”

Cool na? Actually these lines itself helped me cave in and I decided to start afresh! So, do help me with ways to ‘beautify’ this blog, I hear there are awesome theme’s I can use, etc etc. Being new to wordpress I would appreciate all kind of help.

Good night!