First ever.

Ahh! There are million things I want to put forward tomorrow. I want to know tonnes of things. Do you write? Read? Sing? Dance? I know you are health conscious. A techy! But, are you a quiet person? Or are you a ‘centre of happiness’/ ‘heart of the party’ kind of person? Or somewhere between these two? Your parents told my parents that you don’t drink. I want to know if yours is a case – ‘my parents don’t know that I drink.’ While I am writing this, there’s a party going on down-stairs. These guys are Afghani. They took the pain to ask us if we had a problem with music. I want to know ‘what would have been your reply to them? What exactly would you have said?’ I want to know how often do you go out? How often do you stay in? I want to know if you like your bed or are you insanely in love with your bed? I want to know about your routine. So that I can know about those small not-so-important things important in your life.  I want to know how do you like your coffee? Light or strong? Or again somewhere between the two? I want to how happy are you with your  hand-writing? I want to know, what exactly do you see when you close your eyes? I want to know how clear is the sky in Australia? Does one get to see stars on a regular-clear night? Next I may want to know, if you have ever counted stars? Ahh! I even want to know if you mind me asking all these questions? No wait, these aren’t questions exactly! Anxieties may be! Now I am thinking if ‘anxieties’ is grammatically correct or not. It is, shouts my mind! It is woman! Take control. Stop fumbling! He just a guy! Just another guy! Another? Dude! He’s the first ever guy! First ever!


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